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Playing Thing Thing Arena 3 Online

December 3, 2013

This is not an overstatement because the thing thing arena 3 is actually intense. Surely, the zombies think exactly the same about the prospect of eating just one human trapped in the arena.

As far as action games go, Thing Thing Arena increased there while using best. There is a good amount of shooting and endless wave of attackers from both sides. Only the most skillful in the art of survival stand some possiblity to make their body count surpass the fifties. It may appear to be too few kills nevertheless it isn't. But this time around, the enemies are furnished with guns, as well as the difficulty progresses because your number of kills grow.
Zombie Survival: A new twist on Survival Mode, where you face zombified enemies that move faster and drop less health pick-ups. You also start with less health, also, such as the worry, you will have a nigh-infinite way to obtain ammo with your "Zombie Special" (a Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun).
Super Survival: A tougher version of the standard Survival Mode, the place that the enemies include stronger weapons. You also begin with less health, as with Zombie Survival. In addition, your loudout also comes having a Gyrojet with 20 rockets along with a Milkor MGL with 30 grenades.
Stinky Bean Survival: The game also marks the first appearance of the world's most pathetic lifeform, Stinky Bean. Even though they're not equipped with guns, they're still a threat in numbers.

Thing Thing Arena Classic is similar to Thing Thing Arena 3, with a few notable changes. You've got your upgraded graphics, your surplus of customization options, and all that jazz. Sadly, the pipe is going. No more melee. I'm not sure why it had been taken out, nevertheless its not like you'd ever need to use it, as you have infinite ammo now. Theres new weapons, some are taken out, some have stayed. An important major change on the game could be the modes you are able to play. You've got your normal mode, your zombie mode, and your stinky bean mode(?).

Lets speak about weapons. This time around you simply get two weapons. You choose these weapons in the title screen, close to your character customizer. You've got some with the weapons from last time, though the majority are replaced.

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